Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Graco Nautilus 3-in-1 Car Seat

I am giving this car seat a THREE and a HALF star rating. This is a GREAT car seat, but has one important flaw. We had previously purchased a car seat for our son, but he grew too tall for it and his head was above the back of the seat-very dangerous.

So, we decided to bite the bullet and get him a convertible seat (these types of seats weren't in production when our son moved out of an infant seat) which specifically had an adjustable head guard to accommodate his increasing height.

We love almost everything about this seat-it is amazingly safe, will handle kids up to 100 lbs., has side storage bins both inside and outside the seat as well as a built in cup holder and is very plush and comfy. It is also extremely easy and quick to install. My husband took about 10 minutes from start to finish with this one! The one flaw is that it is incredibly difficult to tighten the straps. Instead of a handle you turn to tighten, you have a front strap (see image) which must be pulled out to tighten. Until you try it, you won't realize how difficult that is to do especially with the seat in the middle of your backseat.

It loosens in about one second which is amazing, but they really need to make it easier to tighten. For a woman who is 7 months pregnant, I sometimes have to get in the front seat and reach between the seats to have enough leverage to pull it tight enough to be safe. I'm getting used to it though and am finding ways to adjust, but it is the one thing my husband and I feel brings down our rating. Feature include:
  • 3-in-1 multi-mode Car Seat for longer use.

  • Extended 5-point harness use from 20 - 65 lbs/27-52" tall (fits 97% of 5-year olds in harness).

  • Converts into High-back belt positioning booster for use from 30 - 100 lbs/38-57" tall.

  • Converts into Backless booster for use from 40 - 100 lbs/40-57" tall.
It's worth the cost, approximately $180. because it will last until our son is 100 lbs. or almost 5 feet tall!

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